We propagate from seed, giving you the genetic diversity necessary for naturally resilient trees, shrubs and perennials. Our seed is collected locally by our staff and a number of dedicated, experienced local seed collectors, primarily from wild sources. We use an internal tracking code to connect all seed collection information with each plant we grow. This allows us to offer valuable information to the planter as to where the seed has originated.


At Verbinnen’s Nursery we have spent the last 10 years investigating how to propagate and grow trees in trays and pots while maintaining proper root structure. Industry standard smooth wall pots and trays have the detrimental effect of re-directing roots in undesirable directions. This leaves an irreversible imprint on the roots, which can be a cause of decline at some point in the tree’s life.

After several years of trials we have settled on a system that uses coconut coir liner pots that air prune the roots when they reach the sidewalls and bottom of the pot. Air pruning roots is a more natural way of pruning that additionally induces further root initiation within the root ball. This creates a more dense, fibrous root system, allowing for quicker rooting out after planting.

Using coir pot liners has become our production standard for all of our tree species propagated in plugs trays. Growing in pots while maintaining good root structure is an area we are continuing to work on.

We look forward to a future built on strong roots.

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Too often plant quality is sacrificed in our industry in a race to offer the cheapest native plants. At Verbinnen’s Nursery we have placed plant quality as a top priority. We pay attention to the little details and work hard to provide you with healthy, robust plants to ensure your projects success.

Coco-Fibre Pots: A Commitment to Ecological Sustainability

Coco-fibre pots are our sustainable alternative to nursery industry standard plastic pots. Repurposed in nursery containers, coconut fibre is a solution that is ecologically wise, provides community benefits, is a time-saver, and allows us to offer you healthier plants. We have field tested this solution for several years, and we see positive results!


Early survivability benefit

  • Pot stays on the plant, reducing planting stress
  • No wicking of moisture up from the ground through exposed rim of coco pot
  • Unaltered soil pH and nutrient availability as coco fibres degrade
  • Excellent root penetration, ensuring quick establishment

Long-term health benefit

  • Porous pot walls allow air root pruning
  • Significantly reduced root circling inside the pot
  • Increased lateral root branching in the ground, pursuant to natural rooting
  • Natural root structure benefits the plant for its lifetime
  • Healthy roots = healthy plants!

Time-saving benefit

  • No need to remove pots
  • No need to pick up empty pots
  • No need to dispose of pots when the job is done

Ecological benefit

  • No plastic or non-renewable materials used
  • Only 3 ingredients: coconut husk fibre, organic latex, trace sulphur
  • Coconut husk fibre is a common by-product of the coconut industry

Community benefit

  • Sri Lankan workers, local to the coco-fibre source, are employed at fair wages